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Ishmael von Heidrick-Barnes was born and raised in San Diego, California. He attended Herbert Hoover High School and went on to study Religion and Theology at the University of San Diego. He is also trained in Surgical Technology.

Ish (as he is known by friends) has experience in a variety of fields including medicine, social work, and education. His true passion, however, has always been poetry. Initially inspired by his 7th grade teacher, Ish's first poem was published in High School.

In 2008 Ish collaborated with German sculptor Roger Rigorth at Roger's LA ArtCore exhibit. He is editor of the annual Magee Park Poets Anthology. His book Intimate Geography won the 2012 San Diego Book Award for Poetry. Ish has also written lyrics for German musicians Andrea Hörkens and Thomas Roderburg (Tender Art).

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Ishmael von Heidrick-Barnes

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Ishmael von Heidrick-Barnes